*A list of Characters that are known to be in or invloed in Crysis 3.

C.E.L.L. Corporation
The C.E.L.L. Corporation  (Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics) is a private military company under the control of Crynet Systems. The main goal of the C.E.L.L. is to protect humanity from the Ceph no matter what the cost. In Crysis 2 the C.E.L.L. played against you and in a sense with you. Throughout most of the game their main goal was to capture Alcatrez/Prohet and bring him to Jacoob Hardreave so that he could repossess the nano suite and to become humanities savior from the Ceph. But when that play failed they assisted Prophet/Alcatraz for their own good. In Crysis 3 they will be playing the role as the main antagonist, because Prophet is hunting down the truth of what the C.E.L.L. Corporation is actually doing in the nano domes placed on New York. Also for right now there is no information on who is running the  C.E.L.L. Corporation after  Lieutenant Commander Lockhart's and Jacob Hardgreave's death.  

The renowned alien enemy of the Crysis Saga, the Ceph have played a vital part in  being that they are the constant antagonist. There is no known leader for the Ceth so far in story line, and no exact information of the Ceph history.  The Ceph or a faction of The Ceph apparently have been on earth before the dawn of man kind (+2 million years) and have been dormant until 2020 (Crysis). In Crysis there was a scene that explains a possibility that the Ceph are from a different world and some how landed on Earth, now they are trying to escape/invade earth. The  Ceph are naturally at there best in cold weather but are highly adaptable to environment changes. In Crysis 2 it seems that The Ceph were hell bent on wiping out the human race by spreading a pathogen called the "Manhattan Virus", "God Bug", "Spore".  Currently there is little know on what role the Ceph shall play in Crysis 3.

 Karl Ernst Rasch
There isn't allot of information know on Rasch besides the fact that he was the co-founder of CryNet Syterms with Jacob Hardgreave and he should be as old as Hardgreave(+104). Allegedly he did not want to be put in cryo-stasis like Hardgreave, so we presumed that he was did until now.  At the end of Crysis 2 some how he manages to contact with Prophet/Alcatraz, so some how he is still alive (Nano Suit Maybe). It is a strong possible that he will be alive in Crysis 3 and will have a impact on Prophet/Alcatraz.

The main character of Crysis, who's fate has been left unknown until now. Nomad is confirmed , by Crtek,  not be be in Crysis 3, but is to make a small appearance in the game.  Most likely through a flash back that Prophet will have, when he was with Nomad between the end of Crysis and the begging of  Crysis 2.  Just like Alcatraz's flash back of Prophet in Crysis 2. 

Supporting character in Crysis and the main character in Crysis Warhead. This British Special Ops Marine has a cut through attitude, and is know to be the most favorite character in the Crysis Saga. Based off the Crysis 3 Official Gameplay Trailer nomad is in the game and you will be working along side him.

Players will be playing as Prophet,who has been a supporting character in the previous Crysis games, but in the body of Alcartaz 
(main character form Crysis 2).After "killing" himself in Crysis 2, a peace of Prophets mind has been put into the nano suite, that Alcatraz is wearing. His mind has been left dormant until for some reason at the end of Crysis 2 it became active. Now Prophet is hunting down answers to why he is still "alive" and the truth of his past.

*Will be updated as more information for Crysis 3 is released.

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