History of Crysis

What we know so far about the Crysis Saga

Crysis 1

The story begins at the Ling Shan islands, southern side of Philippine Islands, in August 2020.  On August 7, 2020 a North Korean force led by Genral Ri-Chan Kyong took control over the Ling Shan isalands because at the time there were researchers there, that were researching an ancient temple found, that had believed to house advanced dormant technology, that pre-dated man. A team of American Special Ops Soldiers called Raptor Team were dispatched to the Islands, to evacuate the researchers and gather any intel on what was happening on the islands. The team consisted of fives soldiers Nomad, Psycho, Jester, Aztec and the the team leader Prophet, who were are all equipped with Nano Suits, created by Jacob Hardgreave. The Suits are capable of increasing ones natural strength,speed, and giving one the ability to be invisible.  Also protecting one from extreme/explosions fire power or damage.

As Raptor Team infiltrates Ling Shan not knowing what is exactly on the islands they are hit by a unknown hostile causing the team to be scattered over Ling Shan. While attempting to re-group Nomad and Psycho found Aztec and a few North Koreans dead, killed by a unknown. Once Nomad and Psycho met up with Prophet and Jester, the unknown killed Jester and then took Prophet.  But later on you find that Prophet is alive before  you re-grouping on military air craft carrier, right off the coast off Ling Shan. As you progress through the game you learn that the unknowns that you have an encountered  are an alien race called the Ceph that pre-dates humanity and that they are not here for peace. The Ceph launches a beam which creates some sorta of energy sphere, which freezes any life form in the surrounding area besides the Ceph.
US militarily sees the Ceph in Ling Shan as a global threat, so the officer in charge (Admiral Richard Morrison ) recommended that they nuke the island. Before the Admiral nukes the island Prophet goes back because he believes that the nuke won't even effect the Ceph, and he was right. The nuke only made the Ceph stronger/angrier, after the nuke went off the Ceph attacked the US military ships surrounding Ling Shan. Unfortunately this is where Crysis 1 ends, on a cliff hanger, as Nomad and Pschyco are heading back to Ling Shan, after Nomad receives a transmission from Prophet, who is alive in the sphere/on island.

Crysis Warhead

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Crysis 2

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