Crysis 3 E3 2012 Gameplay Trailer

Crysis 3 News E3 2012
Crytek ended the EA E3 2012 press conference with bang, by showing a live gameplay demo and releasing a phenomenal gameplay trailer. Not even 10 seconds intro the trailer you hear Psycho's voice, so it's official Psycho will be in Crysis also he will working alongside Prophet to take down Crynet. The trailer shows off how players will have more control over how you will play in Crysis 3 and also shows off a new gun called the Typhoon. You can see a few great examples of how Crytek wanted to introduce Battle Filed like destruction into the game. Hopefully Cytek will be releasing some new information at Comic Con 2012.

Crysis 3 Announcement Trailer

The Hunt Is On
Players will finally be able to really play as Prophet in Crysis 3 as he hunts for what remains of the Ceph in New York and the C.E.L.L. Corporation,who have placed nano-domes on New York to capture what remains of the Cepth to steal their advanced weapons. Also as the game progress Prophet searches for the truth of his past and why he is still "alive" after "killing" himself in the previous installment. Players will now be dealing with new and old enemies who have adapted to the new urban rain forest that is New York. New enemies include The Scorcher, which scorches huge flames as seen in the trailer. Also the first quadrupedal enemy in a Crytek game, called The Pinger, which will attract more enemies to your location. With new advanced enemies you will need new advanced weapons as well. From the beginning of the game players will have access to a bow with special upgrades for the arrows, which include incendiary,explosive,and stun. As the player moves on though the game he/she will have access to the use of Ceph weapons, now that Ceph DNA is infused into the suit. Such weapons as the highpoly,a heavily mortar, which will cause huge damage on the battlefield. Players have much in store for them because Crytek has not even scratch the surface on reviling huge information on Crysis 3 yet.

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