Friday, June 15, 2012

Who will you playing as in Crysis 3?

For Crysis fans who have only played Crysis 2 and have seen the new E3 trailer/gameplay for Crysis 3 may have been confused of why Prophet is back, after killing himself in the previous game. Also their has been lots of speculations on Crysis 3 forums of who you will be playing. I want to lay it straight out to everyone that you will be playing with Prophet's mind set but in Alcatraz's body. The Nano Suit was able to take/copy a peace or all of Prophets mind while he was wearing it and store it into deep the suit's layer tissue. I don't know if any of you are marvel fans but the nano suite is like the helmet of fate, it needs a host body to be used. After the wearer or host is all used up the host mind is stored away, then a new host body is needed. Alcatraz was the new host and now the suit is infused with his body there is now taking it off, until his body dies. If you remember at the end of Crysis 2 when Alcatraz releases the cure to the Spore in the Ceph Tower several days later he awakens from being knocked out after the blast.  But it was not Alcatraz's  mind who awoken it was Prophets mind. This is what I think, Alcatraz's mind was left unconscious after the blast and the Prophet's mind toked over.
There could be conflicting issues in Crysis 3 on whether who has control over the body,  Alcatraz or Prophet, later on in the game but you do start off with Prophet in control.

***Spoiler Alert*** The End of Crysis 2

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  1. Omg this is BS. The Orignal Prophet gave the Nanosuit 2.0 to Alcatraz because he was infected with the Ceph spore... and shot him self to make the NS 2.0 accept Alcatraz. "I got to break the link" was Prophets words.

    Alcatraz did all his shit then at the end he finds out some how NS 2.0 basically copied Prophet mind and was acting in his stead to guide Alcatraz. When the suit says "Assimilation complete" it meant it figured out how to make the Cehp spore into the anti Ceph Spore we see in the video above.

    Then Prophet... NS 2.0 version kind of explains that this is just the beginning of the war and both him(Copy in the NS SECOND) and Alcatraz got to go back. Alcatraz wakes up in Central Park and when asked to what is his name...."They call me Prophet" Fulling his promise to the real Prophet."Remember me, They call me Prophet"

    Go read Crysis: Legion and it will explain a LOT. Even why Alcatraz is speaking now. Oh and why he knows he is not Prophet(the real one) but still calls himself it.