Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hunt is On

On April 13,2012 Crytek, the developers of Crysis 1 and 2, had announced the 2013 blockbuster release of the Crysis 3.  Powered by Crytek's engine, CryENGINE 3, the graphics will be even more visually stunning then Cryisis 2, as you hunt down what remains of the Ceph in a junglized New York. This time around players will be taking on the mind of Prophet but in the body of Alcatraz, which has caused allot of confusion for many players who only played Crysis 2. Even though the story's perspective has changed you will still be a bad-ass running around in a super suit (nano suit for any fan boys or girls) with a few new upgrades. 
Players will instantly have access to a combat bow, which emphasizes that your the hunter now. But as players progress through the game they will gain access to some serious new alien weapons. 

Crysis 3 promises to already be one of the best sellers for 2013 even though not allot of information has been released on the game yet. But there is some information on how Prophet shall develop throughout the game. Prophet becomes conflicted as he wears the suit, wanting to be human but becoming more alien because of the mix of Ceph and Human DNA. Also he strives to find a good explanation to why he is back after "killing himself" in the previous game. There is still more to be heard in the future but while players wait in anticipation they can only wonder how Crytek will finish the series off.
The official release date is sometime in February of 2013.

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